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Our next meeting is on Monday 4th December 2023 when we will enjoy a good deal of winter cheer at our festive board when we Pipe in our new Master.

Please click on the image here to see a 3D render of the Great Hall at Bart’s ready for a meeting.

Cholmeley Lodge

Cholmeley Lodge is the masonic Lodge for ex pupils, teachers and Governors of Highgate School, London.

We warmly welcome you to our website and hope you will find what you need here. If you do not then please do get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.

If you are an ex Highgate School Pupil, teacher or Governor who would interested to know more about the Lodge or Freemasonry in general please see our ‘Become a Freemason’ page.

Cholmeley Lodge was founded in 1878 and is the Oldest Public School Lodge.
We are members of the Public Schools Lodges Council (PSLC).

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Winning Captain at the PSLC Shoot, Jason Nandal.

Our 140th anniversary Celebration was held at Highgate School in April 2018. We are celebrate our 145th anniversary in 2023.

We were very proud to celebrate our 140th Anniversary in 2018 with a splendid  meeting at Highgate School.

This special event gathered masons from 33 other Public Schools Lodges for a celebration along with their friends and partners, (both ladies and gentlemen).

Young people looking to become freemasons: BBC news report.

The BBC reported that people aged 18-34 have a highly favourable view of freemasonry which is a new development in response to the UGLE’s drive to open up freemasonry and to share the benefits more clearly.

Click the image to see the report.

One of the USA’s Founding Fathers was a Freemason

This video is an adaptation of a speech given by Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s Founding Fathers who was also a Freemason ( along with George Washington, Paul Revere and several others). This video is from our Brethren in Maryland, USA so the good news is that if you have questions you can simply talk to Cholmeley rather than travel to the USA.