Cholmeley Chapter 

We meet 3 times a year, the 3rd Monday in January, the 1st Monday in April & the 2nd Monday in October.

We dine at ‘The Great Hall’, Saint Bartholomew’s & our meal there is superb including cheese, port & snuff.

Chapter Details

Chapter No.       C1731   

Chapter Name   Cholmeley

Scribe E    Jason Nandlal         

Officer Details

Almoner                              Antony Selkus

Charity Steward                Adrian Grumi

First Principal                    Derek Williamson

VO                                        Garry Gilby

SVO                                      David Thompson

Inspector                            Anthony Shepherd

AMetGSupt                        Simon White

Meeting Details

Ritual                                   Aldersgate
Meeting at                         ‘The Great Hall’ Saint Bartholomew’s, West Smithfield
Meeting 2                          17-Jan-22
Meeting 3                          04-Apr-22
Meeting 4                          10-Oct-22 Installation
Meeting 5                          16-Jan-23
Meeting 6                          03-Apr-23

Monday 17th January 2022 at ‘The Great Hall’ Saint Bartholomew’s West Smithfield
Preprandial drinks 19.31 – Banquet 20.01

First course
Porcini and wild mushroom soup topped with croutons and chives
various bread roll choices & butter

Main course
Beef Carbonade with root vegetables
served with creamy potato mash and winter greens

Desert course
Merlot poached Pears with Vanilla and Cinnamon

Cheese course
Stilton & Aged Cheddar, with Oatmeal crackers and Homemade Chutney
Served alongside our decanted Port & Snuff

Herbal Infusions, Coffee served with Mint Chocolates
Cholmeley Vin blanc et Vin Rouge
Mineral water

Yours truly and fraternally,
J. Nandlal LGCR, Scribe
Mobile: 07973 622 138 Email: